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business design Security technologies WiFi October 31, 2018 Why Does Hotel WiFi Suck?
Free WiFi has become a necessity in the hotel industry. I’m loathed to write this next bit but I wouldn’t book a hotel without WiFi.  guest expectations Most hotels, even the big boys, are reluctant to spend good money to do it right. Going back to the loathing part, guest surveys have repeatedly found that ...
business technologies October 15, 2018 What’s the difference between VPN’s, VRF’s and MPLS

In some business circles i.e. project managers, solutions architects, blue-sky thinkers or the wizards of light bulb moments, your company WAN (Wide Area Network) is sometimes referred to as VRF, MPLS, VPN, VFR’s or ‘that network thing”. So I thought I’d try to explain it all to a variety of audiences. This is a high-level …