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how it works

01 Zero-touch provisioning

Easily deploy and configure your sites from any location, at any time.
With Meraki cloud management, products are easily added to the Dashboard and can be immediately provisioned without unboxing the hardware. The process of setting up any Meraki product is nearly identical, making it simple and easy to repeat.
Once powered and connected, all Meraki products will automatically search for an internet path, check for any available software updates, and fetch any configuration that was staged.

02 Automatic updates

Stay current with firmware and security.
Software updates for all products are fully managed by the Meraki cloud, requiring only a user defined maintenance window.

03 Central cloud management

All of Meraki’s products have been designed to have a consistent and seamless user experience, whether setting up a new switch, configuring a group of wireless access points, or assigning a phone number to an employee’s IP phone.

04 Support

Logging, alerting, and debugging tools are all built directly into each product, and are easily accessible via the Dashboard. Get notified by the Meraki cloud if a device loses connectivity, or easily find troublemakers on the network with the automated network summary reports which highlight network anomalies before impacting users.
If help is ever needed, Meraki support is reachable from directly within the Dashboard, cutting down on the time it takes to reach a resolution.

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